9 Ways to Rock Remote Meetings


Make meetings magic by following our easy 9-step guide.


Ebook: 9 Tips for Running a Successful Meeting With Remote Workers

Some things never change, like the fact that as long as there are companies there will always be meetings. And yet, some things do change, like the way we meet. As the workplace continues to become more global and mobile, meetings have evolved from face-face discourse in a central location, to conference calls that use the latest technology to include remote attendees. So how do you successfully host a remote meeting?

Dave Barry once wrote that the reason the world never achieves its full potential could be summed up in one word: ‘meetings.’ All kidding aside, the reason most meetings never realize their full potential of engaging attendees, inspiring innovation and solving problems is because they simply haven’t been done right. To make sure your next meeting rocks, download our e-book "9 Tips for Running a Successful Meeting With Remote Workers" for an easy-to-follow guide on how to make your meetings more engaging and productive.

Download this e-book and learn how to:

  1. Get the right people on the call
  2. Create the ideal agenda
  3. Engage attendees and secure their participation
  4. Set and communicate meeting goals
  5. Effectively use PowerPoint
  6. Ask the right questions
  7. Successfully moderate remote meetings
  8. Schedule remote meetings at the right time
  9. Solicit helpful feedback from attendees

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