Are You Housebroken?

8 Steps to Becoming a Work-From-Home Hero


Technology has made working from home an economical option for many, but having the capability is one thing, truly making it work is quite another. So how can you make certain working from home will work for you?


First, you need to consider your work habits, and make a realistic assessment of your ability to be disciplined in an environment you’ve long associated with relaxing and getting away from work. Second, you’ll need to think about some of the intangibles, such as coworker interaction, and how it will affect your daily enjoyment of what you do. If all signs still point to yes, then you should definitely check out our e-book "8 Ways to Make Working from Home As Great As It Sounds.”  




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  • Create a Workspace
  • Write Daily Goals
  • Manage Distractions
  • Track Your Time
  • Take Breaks
  • Be On-Call
  • Put Down That Cookie
  • Show-Up

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