How's about a little fiber


A brief look at 6 exciting ways Google Fiber will impact your company’s communications.



It seems everyone is talking about Google Fiber and how it has revolutionized connectivity across America, turbo-boosting download and upload speeds to 100 times faster than what they are today. But what does this mean for your company?


First, it means that the speed of your Internet will finally be caught up with the speed of innovation, and you can harness this advantage to communicate ideas faster, securing your leadership in the marketplace. Second, it means the end of bandwidth frustrations and the dawn of instant upload/download gratification. Speaking of download gratification, you should check out our e-book "What Google Fiber Means to Business Communications" to learn the 6 ways Google Fiber will impact your company.


Download this e-book and learn how Google Fiber delivers:

  1. Internet speeds = to the speed of innovation
  2. Connectivity for users/devices without speed loss
  3. Video conferencing without buffering
  4. Instantaneous uploads and downloads
  5. A free terabyte of cloud space
  6. The ultimate light-weight cloud call

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